Executive Healthcheck

Executive Healthcheck
Executive Health Check Treatments
 Health programs and health treatments to ensure the health of executive businessmen and womens health are becoming increasingly popular in the United States and around the world. Such health programs, often called Executive Health Programs, are specially designed for male and female executives who have little excess time to venture through the health care system.
In addition, an executive health program offers executives a variety of health care services that provide health prevention, diagnostic tests, health treatments, and health plan services that are geared to fit specific company schedule and demand.
Common Executive Health Check Treatments
Complete physical health assessment and health history
Cardiovascular health evaluation
Bone density diagnosis
Health nutrition evaluation
Blood work medical diagnostics
Men prostate cancer screening
Breast mammogram and women PAP screening
Of course, these are just a few of the many health treatments and medical consultations that an executive health check program will cover. Optional blood screenings as well as online doctor consultations may be obtained for eye vision and hearing tests, stress tests, physical fitness assessments, and nutritional counseling.
Major corporations throughout the world are promoting executive health check treatments and appointments for their busy male and female executives. Instead of taking several weeks or longer to obtain a variety of blood screening or testing procedures, executive health checks testing and  cancer screening procedures are carefully set up to follow one after the other in order to decrease the amount of time needed for a complete and thorough medical and physical evaluation, laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures.
Such blood screening and diagnostic procedures helps to detect early cancer stages, heart diseases, and causes of obesity, hypertension high blood pressure, symptoms of diabetes, and many other medical conditions that may go undetected for many years.
Common Executive Mens Health Tests
The type and number of physical fitness tests and laboratory tests will depend on patient medical history and age. While men and women who are generally under the age of 35 are not required to visit a doctor every year or obtain various medical tests on a yearly basis, such guidelines change as a person grows older. For males, common tests focus on:
Male hormone profile
Colonoscopy test
Coronary artery calcification
Prostate profile
Bone density test
For women, such tests include but are not limited to:
Pap smear test
Bone density test
Female menopause profiles
Coronary artery calcification
Pelvic ultrasound
Executive health check can generally be completed within five to seven hours. A medical patient will be required to fill out various questionnaires and forms and be prepared to fast for a predetermined amount of time for laboratory blood testing.
In most cases, medical tests may also include but are not limited to:
Chest X rays
Complete blood count test
Ophthalmology examination
Gynecological examination
Lipid profile
Cholesterol profile
Blood sugar profile
It is recommended that all adults receive periodic blood pressure check up. Doing so can help to prevent high blood pressure causes and risk factors for heart stroke, coronary heart disease, and heart attack? Determining cholesterol levels is also important as a reducing factor in developing heart disease. Colon cancer screening is generally indicated for people 50 years or older and mammogram should be obtained on a yearly or biyearly basis for women. Pap smear that may screen for cervical cancer is generally indicated every three years for women up to 45 years old and yearly thereafter.
Executive Health Treatment Benefits
While most executive health check treatment programs do not fit into basic medical and health packages, individuals should contact their own affordable health care insurance providers regarding coverage. Obtaining executive health treatment procedures or lab testing does not replace the need for primary care physicians, but are preventative measures to help increase and encourage healthy lifestyles for busy people.
Health test and procedure results from executive health exams may be forwarded to primary care physicians for placement in medical records. In many cases, advance screening procedures often identify issues that would be left undetected otherwise. Many executive personnel in busy corporations do not seek yearly physical examination or testing as required by age groups.
Who Performs Executive Health Checks?
Many major corporations contract independently for physicians or hospitals for health check service of their male and female executives. Regardless, every physician or medical support personnel involved in an executive health check should be properly trained and have board certification in his or her specialty.