Doing Business With MediTrük



Acıbadem is actually an integrated healthcare group offering services beyond hospitals and outpatient clinics: Acıbadem Project Management designs, constructs and equips turn- key hospital projects in and abroad. Ac badem Insurance provides health and life insurance and policy advisory. Acıbadem Mobile provides healthcare services on road, at home, in office and at remote industrial sites as well as conventional emergency evacuation, ambulance and tele-medicine services. A-Plus provides catering, laundry and cleaning services to hospitals of all sizes. Ac badem Labmed provides the largest spectrum of laboratory services including genetics, pathology, stem cell, cord-blood and food as well as core micro-biology and bio- chemistry. Finally, Ac badem University is dedicated to carry the Group’s expertise to the training and education of future generations of health care professionals, through its medical faculty and nursing, technology and administrative institutes. We cooperate with international state and private institutions in the following areas:

1. Diagnosis and treatment of international patients in the most sophisticated medical fields such as cancer, hearth and neurological sciences

2. The highest level of emergency healthcare services supply :MEDITURK MOBILE

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3. Internationally accredited laboratory services : MEDITURK LABMED

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4. Affiliation/know-how sharing, education and training programs for physicians, nurses and admin personnel through MEDITURK UNIVERSITY and/or our hospitals network

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5. Insurance policy/system advisory for both state and private insurance systems: MEDITURK INSURANCE

6. Hospital design, construction, equipment and project management of all sizes: MEDITURK PROJECT

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7. Hospital facility management including technical services, biomedical equipment care, laundry, cleaning, catering, security, logistics and other related support services

8. Total hospital management including all clinical services in addition to the facility

9. Business investments in partnership with leading local businesses and state institutions